Im Rahmen der Aufklärungdkampagne I love You Positive or Negative verteilt und verpackt Dessine l'Espoir Kondome. Die Verpackungen sind mit Kunswerken aus "Artists4life" bedruckt und geben die Nachricht der Kampagne wieder.
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Designing Hope further developed the campaign "I Love You Positive or Negative" through a condom distribution campaign. Condoms were packed in innovatively designed boxes, carrying a selection of artwork from the artists who support the campaign, holding strong awareness messages and famous signatures by the campaign messengers.


In 2005, French stylist, Agnes b. donated 20 000 condoms to Dessine l'Espoir, packed in artistically designed boxes carrying the campaign message. Designing Hope distributed them in Swaziland and South Africa. The unique design of the boxes proved to be highly successful as they were very well received with laughts and dicussions.

The lesson learned was that an innovative packaging can change the gesture of taking a condom in a public place.
Elodie Lachaud

Elodie Lachaud

Kampagne in Swaziland

MY friend let us build a brighter future, let us go for HIV testing.

Ernest Pignon-Ernest

Ernest Pignon-Ernest

Kampagne in South Africa

"Victory is a nation that reduces mass apathy, South-Africans be loving themselves stop the misery Lovingly, loving ourselves protect us from HIV..."



Kampagne in Swaziland

Your brother, Your friend, need you even more when they are positive.

Nicolaas Maritz

Nicolaas Maritz

Kampagne in Kwazulu Natal


Desiging Hope then developed this condom project, in association with local authorities. Free condoms are usually distributed by the Ministry of Health and were packed in anonymous boxes left on the side of counters in some administrative buildings, testing centers and hospital buildings.

The condom boxes at Ladysmith hospital, Kwazulu Natal.


Designing Hope made agreements with the local Departments of Health mainly to ensure that the supply of condoms adhered to the national rules.
Designing Hope coordinates and finances the design, the translation into local languages, the printing of all the campaign supporters: distributing boxes, individual packaging of condoms, posters, stickers and flyers.
In 2007, more than 800 000 condoms have been distributed in South Africa and Swaziland within this program.
This campaign includes the distribution of posters with strong visual elements as well as tv broadcasts presented by the local personalities who support our campaign.

The group members are associated to the distribution of the condoms in their community.


Designing Hope and Dessine l'Espoir has developed for this project a small income generating activity within the support groups in South Africa, and Swaziland.
This activity is fundamental to the campaign. Support group members are paid to repack the condoms into original packaging, carrying artwork, awareness messages, and famous signatures of the campaign messages.
This activity is ideal for support groups as it is simple to implement, and an easy task for patients who suffer from exhaustion.

Included in these workshops are the artistic group activities and counseling sessions explaining the campaign to ensure the people involved fully understand the message and feel they are part of a valuable and beneficial experience. Embroidery, painting and writing sessions are a way to get these volunteers to express their vision for the message and the artwork.

This campaign benefits from the constant interaction between local projects, small groups of people affected by HIV and AIDS within hospitals or communities and a professional communication plan targetting millions of people.

Designing Hope are thankful to the Belgian Technical Cooperation, the Brystol Myers Squibb Foundation "Secure the Future", the Provincial Departments of Health of South Africa, and the Baylor Children's Clinic of Mbabane, in Swaziland.

Condom packing in Ladysmith, Kwazulu Natal, and Swaziland (Piggs Peak and Mbabane).

Condom promotion One Month of Love booklet
On December 1st, 2006, Designing Hope has created for World AIDS Day, a booklet of 24 condoms entitled " One Month of Love ".

copie de Prevention-Projekt für Jugendliche in Burkina Faso

Prevention-Projekt für Jugendliche in Burkina Faso

Aktionen des Welt Aids Tagegs 2013 Ein Projkt in Zusammenarbeit mit der Stadt Paris
In Zusammenarbeit mit der Stadt Paris, Viaduc des Arts und Artistes à la Bastille hat Dessine l'Espoir ein Projekt für den 1. Dezember entwickelt.

Präventionskampagne in Rumänien Prevention Campaign in Romania
Designing Hope has developed in Constanta (Romania) a prevention campaign for the promotion of HIV-testing and the use of condom.