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Lanvin soft figurines embroidered in Swaziland
Figurines Lanvin - Collection 2013 - 2014 Alber Elbaz has entrusted the association the manufacture of figurines and their dresses, miniature replicas of the "Lanvin Petite" collection of the prestigious fashion house. On sale from November in all the shops and outlets distributing "Lanvin Petite".
Written : 2013-10-31 - Last modified 2015-11-07
Art Paris Art Fair 2013
Designing Hope at Art Paris Art Fair 2013
Since 2006, Art Paris Art Fair supports Designing Hope, which approach closely combines humanitarian action, and the world of art and creation. For the 2013 edition, the fair invites you to an exceptional charity event dedicated to Designing Hope, celebrating its 10 years of existence. The NGO will also present, in collaboration with "Blachre Foundation" an exhibition of contemporary African photographers.
Written : 2012-11-30 - Last modified 2014-08-09

I Love You Positive Or Negative Exhibition with the CLAJE
On the occasion of the World Day against AIDS, December 1, 2013, The CLAJE, a cultural youth center in Paris and the association Designing Hope present an exhibition on the theme of the red ribbon and on the message "I Love You Positive or Negative".
Written : 2013-11-25 - Last modified 2014-08-09
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