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With the City Council of Paris and the organisation Ikambere
For the World Aids Day, Designig Hope has created cultural and social links between western countries and people affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa. The awareness campaign fighting against stigma and discrimination towards people affected by HIV/AIDS "I Love You Positive or Negative" was developped in France entitled "Positif ou Ngatif, je t'aime", in partnership with the City Council of Paris.
Written : 2007-11-07 - Last modified 2012-12-11
Artists4Life at ArtParis fair 2008
For the third year, Designing Hope introduced this project at the international modern and contemporary art fair. Some more artworks were also presented at the restaurant "Mini Palais".
Written : 2007-08-14 - Last modified 2013-01-25
A square of Hope
Since 2003, 60 top fashion designers have come together against HIV/AIDS in Africa by designing Ihtemba lightbulbs, hand decorated by South-African women living with HIV&AIDS. In 2007, the fashion designer's support Dessine l'Espoir yet again, in a new project called "A Square of Hope".
Written : 2007-07-31 - Last modified 2013-01-08